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Updated: May 30, 2021

We are Kind Kids Book Club

A monthly subscription service featuring inclusive children’s books with heart

Expect beautiful books to engage, empower and educate and inclusive stories that celebrate empathy, diversity and equality

The founding members of the Kind Kids Book Club are:

  • Me – Amie // (frazzled mum/lover of coffee and theatre/not-so-secret One Direction fan/Victorian literature devotee/eternally longing for a spa day and a quiet cupboard to read in)

  • Dylan – 5 years // (thoughtful/sensitive/fun-seeking/lover of big machinery and holidays/Chief Big Brother)

  • Amos – 2 years // (busy/boisterous/always in a hurry/lover of the great outdoors and freedom/escape artist extraordinaire/giggler)

  • Huw – 4 months // (champion sleeper and milk drinker/Olympic smiler/permanently bemused by the house of chaos he has found himself in/determined to roll over one day soon)

We are off on a reading mission – to read more inclusive children’s books that will teach us about kindness and empathy and help us make a positive impact on the world as we grow.

As a busy mum to three young boys, time is short and money is tight.

We all love reading but for a long time, when it came to children’s books, if it wasn’t on a supermarket shelf, I wasn’t buying it. But I realised that wasn’t doing us any favours when it came to talking about, and understanding, the world around us and how we can contribute to it positively with kindness and action.

My children see themselves in the pages of the books we read regularly. They are knights on horseback, dinosaur keepers, doctors, pilots, friends to all manner of woodland animals and heroes. They are at the heart of the story. They are the story.

But what about everyone and everything else? What about different cultures and different countries, strong girls and women, families that aren’t 2.4 children and people with disabilities? And not just tokenism. Central protagonists, one and all.

How can I really teach my children to be kind – to show empathy and understanding for the world around them and the people they meet wherever their lives might take them – if they aren’t seeing it right now in the stories we read together?

So, I started to do my research and sought out more inclusive books - books full of empathy and kindness, books brimming with the big wide world, books about experiences that are not our own - and the Kind Kids Book Club was born.

Because if this sounds like you too – we would love you to join the club and help us on our reading mission!

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