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FEELINGS themed book & craft activity box

FEELINGS themed book & craft activity box

In these pages you will find lots more digging on all kinds of feelings - big or small. We will learn how to name our feelings and talk about them with people we trust


This box contains:


  • Barbara Throws A Wobbler (Jonathan Cape)
  • The River (Simon & Schuster)
  • Make your own big feelings coping jar activity with craft materials
  • Design your own mindful breathing wand with craft materials
  • Our 28 page book club magazine, kind
  • A Kind Kids Book Club bookmark
  • A Kind Kids Book Club badge



  • More information

    Our packs measure 30cm x 24cm x 4cm and should fit through your letterbox

    Gift wrapping included

    Our packaging - including our tissue paper, our rainbow ribbon, our hand-written note card, our stickers and our outer wrap - is either made from 100% recycled paper or is compostable and/or recyclable

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